Solid state energy conversion is discussed as a main player for waste heat harvesting, e.g. in the cooling system of combustion engines. For this purpose, thermoelectric materials are of particular interest. Good thermoelectric converter materials require a high Seebeck coefficient a, which expresses the generated thermovoltage per temperature difference. Moreover, a high electrical conductivity s is needed in order to reduce the Joule energy dissipation within the thermoelectric generator. A low thermal conductivity k, with contribution from the electronic and phononic systems, is further required so that the thermal shortcut due to Fourier’s heat conduction is small. Compounds that contain heavier elements such as Bi not only feature relativistic effects in the bonding behavior, but are also quite often good thermoelectric materials with low phonon activity.



“Improved thermoelectric materials for a sustainable society”

Energimyndigheten, PI, 2019-2023



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