Dr. Siméon Ponou


Dr. Siméon Ponou

Research Topic:

Complex Intermetallic Alloys: The Influence of Relativity

Support: Carl Tryggers Stiftelse

Contact: simeon.ponou1@mmk.su.se


Dr. Ponou’s current research takes advantage of the relativistic effects for the design of new class of (multi)functional materials. The main goal is to investigate the impact of relativity onto the chemistry of heavy elements by combining experimental work with computational studies synergistically. This will lead to a more general understanding how relativity affects chemistry, enhance the fundamental understanding of matter and ultimately allow for the design of unprecedented new materials by taking advantage of the relativistic effects. Dr. Ponou is primarily focusing on using relativistic effects to improve the performance of thermoelectric materials, as well as that of materials exhibiting giant magneto-caloric effects. In particular, he is investigating how metal–metal bonding frustration, driven by relativistic effects, induces valence state fluctuation coupled with structural transition in intermetallic compounds involving mixed-valent rare-earth metal like Yb and Eu. This is important for application in giant magnetocaloric effect, which is of interest in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerators, heat pumps, and thermomagnetic generators.

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