Dr. Sheikh Jamil Ahmed

Dr. Sheikh Jamil Ahmed

Research Topic:

Complex Intermetallic Alloys: Smart materials for energy applications

Contact: sheikh.ahmed@bce.au.dk




Historically, the evolution of any technology can be linked with the discovery of smart materials. The connection serves as an inspiration for materials scientists to search for exceptional phenomena in existing or new compounds. Dr. Ahmed’s research as a member of the community is focused on investigating the structural and physical properties of novel compounds to reveal stimulating effects in these systems.

Currently as a researcher in the Mudring group, Dr. Ahmed works in finding promising new magnetic materials for magnetocaloric applications. Particular areas that he previously investigated include rattling induced superconductivity, magnetic Skyrmion lattices, geometric frustration,
canted antiferromagnetism, half-metallicity and short-range ordering. His research approach towards a particular challenge is best described with the following sketch.


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