Dr. Sébastien Préaud

Dr. Sébastien Préaud

Research topic: Compex intermetallics

Contact: sebastien.preaud(@)mmk.su.se





Dr. Preaud’s research field lies in Inorganic and Solid-state chemistry for diverse material elaboration and application. Most of his studies were done in Paris-Saclay University starting with a Masters in inorganic chemistry working on nanoscale synthesis and characterization. His specialty then slowly shifted towards thermoelectricity during his PhD, awarded in 2020, in the Materials and Molecular Chemistry Institute of Orsay (ICMMO), where his work on Complex thermoelectric oxides was praised. On the same year he continued his path to the Physical Material Chemistry group in Stockholm University where he is now focused on Complex Intermetallics and their application in thermoelectricity.


S. Préaud, C. Byl, F. Brisset, D. Berardan, SPS‐assisted synthesis of InGaO3 (ZnO) m ceramics, and influence of m on the band gap and the thermal conductivity. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2020, 103, no 5, p. 3030-3038.