Induction Furnace

Induction Furnace


(c) Edmund Buehler GmbH

aka Copper Boat

The Edmund Buehler Copper Boat is an induction furnaces that allows for inductive melting and reacting under high vacuum (<10-2 – 10-5 mbar) or argon gas atmosphere.

Samples of up to 20g are placed in a water-cooled copper boat (mould), hence the name, which is encased in a fused silica tube.

Induction coils around the sample compartment allow for heating, alloying and reacting, metals and combinations of metals with low or significantly different melting points. Temperatures of up to 1800 oC can be reached that way.

Sponsor: AU TECH

Location: BCE Åbogade 5795-001

Responsible: Dr. Sheikh Ahmed