Latest publication

Frustration and 120° Magnetic Ordering in the Layered Triangular
Antiferromagnets AFe(PO3F)2 (A = K, (NH4)2Cl, NH4, Rb, and Cs)

The newest publication from the Mudring group is here! The paper presents a new family of layered iron oxofluorophosphates, AFe(PO3F)2, that were made by ionothermal methods using PF6 ionic liquids. In the context of frustrated triangular antiferromagnets, the close structural relationship between the layered compounds as well as polymorphism enables studying the magnetic properties as a function of cation identity and crystal symmetry.

New journal: Industrial Chemistry and Materials

The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, have partnered to publish a new open access journal Industrial Chemistry & Materials. Professor Anja-Verena Mudring is part of the team as an associate editor.  Industrial Chemistry & Materials (ICM) will publish innovative research and major technological breakthroughs in all aspects of industrial chemistry and materials, with a particular focus on the important innovation of low-carbon chemical industry, energy and functional materials. By bringing researchers, engineers, and policymakers into one place, research is inspired, challenges are solved and the applications of science and technology are accelerated. Submissions are open.

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