From a Dense Structure to Open Frameworks: The Structural Plethora of Alkali Metal Iron Fluorophosphates

In the latest article from the Mudring group, they demonstrate that using ionic liquids as the reaction medium, structure templates, and mineralizer, all-in-one, allows for the design of transition metal fluorophosphate of varied dimensionality. Aside from engineering of magnetic exchange interaction, which is extremely exciting particularly from a fundamental viewpoint, their synthetic approach might lead to new battery cathode materials!

You can read the full article here.

Magnetic phase diagram revealed using neutron diffraction

In a collaboration with colleagues from 5 countries, Siebeneichler et al. combined X-ray diffraction, magnetization and neutron diffraction to establish a universal phase diagram for ThCr2Si2-type solid solutions of REMn2X2. They were able to relate the emergence of magnetic incommensurability to structural features.

You can read the full paper here.