HOT new article!

AVM and Dr. Oli Hammond have just published a new paper on Ionic liquids and deep eutectics as a transformative platform for the synthesis of nanomaterials in Chemical Communications. Their paper is part of the ongoing web-collection featuring the latest articles published in ChemComm that have been marked as HOT by our Editors and trusted Reviewers.

Their review demonstrates that these ionic liquids (ILs) and deep eutectic solvents (DES) are great green alternatives for producing nanomaterials, as well as functioning as powerful green synthesis tools when combined with unconventional synthesis techniques such as microwave, ultrasound and sputtering. Most importantly, they promote that when ILs and DES are approached holistically, new universal manufacturing techniques that provide solutions to the existing problems of nanomanufacturing are enabled. Furthermore, that will open new possibilities for controlling the growth and assembly of nanostructures. The review of examples in the article illustrates this power of ILs and DES in the improved manufacturing of nanomaterials.

In short, ILs and DES look to be some of the future’s green and efficient problem-solvers within nanotechnology.