Green Chemistry Symposium, Feb. 13 2020

Scientists from around the world gathered to promote the goals of Green Chemistry

Prof. C.-.J. Li (McGill, Canada), Prof. W. Leitner (RWTH Aachen and MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion, Germany), Prof. J. Warner (Warner Babcock Institute, USA and Monash University, Australia), Prof. P.T. Anastas (Yale University, USA), Prof. A.-V. Mudring (Stockholm University), Prof. A. Riisager (DTU, Denmark), Prof. R. Fehrmann (DTU, Denmark), Prof. R.D. Rogers (University of Alabama, USA), Ass.-Prof. Adam Slabon (Stockholm University)

Program of the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Symposium for download.

Find out more about Green Chemistry guest professors hosted by our group.

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